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One year of marriage and a whole lot of extra weight, we started our Paleo journey the night we came back from our delayed Disney honeymoon in October 2012! Nothing quite like detoxing 100 Mickey shaped Rice Krispy treats to start off with a bang. Now, I have navigated the Paleo lifestyle for almost 6 years and even a recent Paleo pregnancy and postpartum journey as well! Paleo has truly changed my life and that's why I am so passionate about helping others on their Paleo journey. I have found that for me, I was never going to see or feel results unless I changed everything about my kitchen and eating habits. I am so thankful for the change it's made in my life, and that's why I'm beyond passionate about helping others who were just like me!



I was ALWAYS sick with sinus and upper respiratory infections and struggled with crazy allergies year round. Digestive problems and fatigue were another part of it, however, the worst part of my health issues were the chronic migraines. Originally when I was told about the "Paleo Diet," I heard that I could reset my immune system by cleansing my gut. I didn't care what it took, I was ready for a change! That was almost 6 years ago and after I saw almost complete healing in a month, I never looked back!



Paleo kinda speaks for itself. I didn't do it for the weight loss, that just ended up being a great perk, but people started noticing and then the questions began. I ended up talking to tons of people about it and it quickly became a passion of mine. I loved talking about how great I felt! I started answering lots of Facebook messages and texts and thought, why don't I make a place where I can answer everyone's questions at once and then it grew organically from there!

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