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Fall Food & Favs

I am SO over this Texas heat and thought what better way to focus on better weather than talking about one of my favorite seasons, FALL! It's in the stores taunting us right now so let's just go ahead and give in a bit. I know I’m not the only one that is longing for those high rise suck-everything- in leggings and not shaving for weeks at a time. Don't even lie!

So let me start by telling you my favorite things about Fall besides the weather, obviously.

-PUMPKIN everything (no- not the PSL- please go read the ingredients on that little thing!)

I love pumpkin muffins, white pumpkins on my mantle, my obsessive collection of Fall paper plates and napkins, and my own little pumpkin in her cute coat and boots.

FASHION Do I need to talk about the Spanx style leggings again or did y’all catch that the first time? Cardigans- my closet could use some work but I’ve got a couple great cardigans that I can’t wait to pull out *check out that leopard print one in my headshots! Boots- I have a lot of them and I love them all. Ankle booties, fringe boots that look like they belong on stage at a Carrie Underwood concert, moccasin styled fringe ones and my first pair of “UGG” style ones! Bring - It - On

DECOR I already mentioned the white pumpkins that I collect- but did I mention that they are glass? I I may or may not have shattered ALL of them last year when my sister’s mantle came crashing down while we decorated for our big sister’s baby shower. It was quite the massacre and reminded me of that scene from Cinderella where her gorgeous white pumpkin disintegrates. No lie.

Now finally the good stuff that I’m really here to talk to you about-FOOD.

I love Fall food more than any other food any other time of year. Stews and soups are only to be eaten in the Fall/Winter (except for that time in July when I was pregnant and was craving Chicken-n-Dumplings like my life depended on it) but my husband disagrees with this tradition. Bro, you can’t actually enjoy a piping hot bowel of stew when the steam coming off it is exactly how it feels to step out your front dang door. Am I right?

Anyways, the other part of Fall Food that I love is THANKSGIVING! It’s pretty much every foodie’s favorite holiday but I LOVE it because we, going on 4+ years, host Thanksgiving at our house. It started as dessert night where we would host everyone for pie and games before everyone split the next day to all their different gatherings, and we would go out of town to see some of my family. It was called The Tolar’s Sweet Thanksgiving and It was THE best and will definitely make an appearance again in the near future. One of our first years of hosting the full shabang- we invited everyone over for a FULL PALEO THANKSGIVING! That’s right, thousands of dollars worth of food (maybe an exaggeration?) spread across every surface of our house for all to “enjoy” or choke down like some of them did kindly! We were so proud of all our hard work and it meant a lot that our families were supporting our lifestyle change. Some of our families still ask for certain recipes from that year to be repeated and that makes my heart SO happy! Others, well, they still talk about how disgusting it was and that makes me not want to host ever again, but then again, it makes me and my little unit happy so I’m sure I’ll see those cute pumpkin plates and napkins in the stores and completely change my mind. Sorry that got weird, but I keep it real around here!

Eat your hearts out this Fall, y’all!

I have specific boards dedicated to “Seasonal Paleo” and “Thanksgiving Feast” so go check them out below! I will most definitely be posting more about Fall as we get closer, but this is a good kick-off!

(And if you need to turn your AC down to 60 and throw on a sweater while you scroll through these, know you’re not alone.)

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