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Paleo at Roots Coffeehouse

I’ve always been a coffee fan (aholic) but it’s not just about the taste and caffeine benefits. There’s something so revitalizing about sipping out of an eclectic mug in a perfectly styled yet cozy coffeehouse.

Which is exactly why I created a coffee and desserts theme for my launch party, and completed it with the perfect blend, graciously provided by Roots Coffeehouse!

It’s not every day that you find Paleo friendly options at your local coffee shops, but recently, I’ve discovered that my favorite coffee shop has quite the variety!

The amazing manager and (foam artist??) there is a Paleo fan and keeps me in the loop from time to time. The other day I was in getting some work done, and she told me that they serve Simple Mills crackers with their hummus and veggie plates! (She follows this group and probably saw my slight obsession with that brand) I was so excited and knew that I needed to share this new info with all of you guys too!

I have been going to Roots since they opened 10 years ago. In fact, my health coaching business grew through tears, prayers and MANY hours behind my computer screen over the past 3 years, cozied up in one of their wingback chairs sipping on an almond milk latte with honey. It was so frothy and delicious in their mug, but just as satisfying iced in a to-go cup.

Nothing beats knowing that what I’m drinking isn’t going to make me sick in the slightest with hidden sugar I didn't know about. They make their almond milk in house with super clean ingredients, and that’s music to my ears! Alissa, the manager at Roots, recently wrote a blog post going in major depth on their menu and even into the background of how some of their favorite Paleo items are made and the companies they buy from etc. This is such a GIFT for people who are trying to live a health lifestyle! Check it out HERE: Even though there aren’t any Paleo treats in the case, they carry the Taos Mountain bars near the checkout. There’s nothing better than finding something Paleo in a sea of fresh baked goods that makes you feel like you’re not missing out after all. These were my obsession until a couple years ago when I was pregnant. I ate so many that I seriously can’t stand them now! Bummer.

So, let’s talk about my current favorites for this hot summer. My jam has been their cold brew (I’ve needed the extra kick!) and the Mood Changer tea. Y’all this Jasmine tea is magic and I’m pretty sure most people order it just so they can watch it change colors. Something about adding lemon to it makes it turn from this navy color to this gorgeous purple color! Who doesn’t want to be sipping on an electric purple drink out of pretty glass cup?? If there was an award for the “prettiest tea,” THIS one would win. They serve it with simple syrup so just nix that or ask for honey instead to make it Paleo. I personally prefer it without any sweetener and it’s perfect that way. I could talk endlessly about what Roots means to me and what all milestones in my life I’ve had within those four walls (like announcing my pregnancy to a dear friend with the help of Alissa and her creative chocolate writing on a plate and a foam coffee art heart that I’ll never forget!) but, you MUST go experience it for yourselves!

Oh, and don’t forget the wingback chairs at the front. Best seats in the house.

Almond Milk Latte with Honey!

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